Illinois Hoopstars Co-Director

Station5ONE Director

Bloomington High School - Assistant Basketball Coach


Coach Michael Willis is a professional American basketball coach with over 5 years of experience training kids and young adults to become professional basketball players. His dedication to the players and additional qualifications as a Youth Development Coach not only enables him to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere in which the kids feel free to reach their full potential, but also ensures that they are mentally developing into strong, confident, and focused go-getters in the process.

Never once undervaluing the importance of having an adult male role-model in his players’ lives, Coach Willis also takes advantage of this opportunity to instill life skills in his players through character development; particularly with the youth from underprivileged communities.

Coach Willis’s expertise lies with coaching high school and AAU level players, with the ultimate goal being his players getting basketball scholarships to play in universities across the United States. He has further assisted college graduates with obtaining basketball contracts in the NBA, NBA G- League, and also leagues overseas.

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